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Why Can I Have Detox Symptoms if I Start Using Transdermal Magnesium?

One caution when people are starting with transdermal magnesium therapy: The increase in magnesium can trigger cells to detox, so people may feel some changes in the first few days and, depending on toxic levels, some detox symptoms. Encourage yourself to drink a lot of extra water (3 litres purified alkaline water per 24 hours) and do more soaking or saunas to clear out the toxins faster transdermally. It is recommended to eat a predominantly fresh food diet and avoid sugar and processed foods. In some cases they can slow down the magnesium application rate and then build up more gradually so as to reduce detox symptoms. Some people will detox without feeling any tangible signs. Everyone is different. Once the body replenishes its reserves of magnesium and toxins are cleared sufficiently, improved wellness is a natural outcome.

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