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Bodywell Chip includes P and H - Australia Wide

Bodywell Chip includes P and H - Australia Wide
  • $67.95

The Bodywell Intelligent Chip is a Revolutionary NEW Approach to Reduce Radiation Absorption to Your Brain & Body from Your Mobile Phone, iPad or Tablet by up to 80%. Simply Place the Bodywell Intelligent Chip Anywhere on Your Mobile Phone, iPad or Tablet to Effectively Lower the Radiation Absorption without Interfering with Your Phone’s Signal! The Sleek Black Chip Fits Seamlessly Onto Your Phone or Even Discretely Inside the Battery Cover. Swiss Technology & Made in Austria.

Imprinted with natural properties, the chip is scientifically- proven to substantially reduce cellphone radiation without interfering with your cellphone’s signal.  

From its sleek size - hardly larger than a SIM card - to its easy peel-and-place application, the Bodywell chip fits directly on any phone of any size. No added accessories, chargers or specially-designed cases needed.

Apply BW.jpeg

With the little black chip in place, your cellphone looks, feels and performs at its optimal level with zero 
interference. The Bodywell chip can be placed on the surface or in the battery case of any mobile device.

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