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Visit Global Star Services for Quality Health Products & more... Wonder Oil, Motion Potion, Magnesium Cream, Mosquito Bracelets, Zap-It...

Exclusive products include Mos Repel Mosquito Bracelets & the Revolutionary Zap-It for Mosquito Bite Relief.

Mosquito BraceletZap-It Insect Bite Relief

We also represent & promote products that are fast becoming some of Australia’s more popular natural health products like Motion Potion, James Baillie’s Wonder Oil & Elektra Magnesium.  If your company has a product that you would like promoted or represented in Australia please ‘Click Here’.

Our Mosquito Bracelets are effective for up to 180 hours in repelling Mosquitoes.
Mosquito bracelets are an easy, natural, safe & simple way to repel mozzies and other biting insects. All you have to do is place a Mosquito bracelet on your wrist or ankle when the mozzies & bities are around – it really is that easy! They are even waterproof so you can wear them swimming or fishing! It seriously doesn’t get any better than this. For more details please ‘Click Here’.

Zap–It for Mosquito Bite Relief: Don’t Scratch it, Zap-It! For Quick & Easy Mosquito Bite Relief. Zap-It! is a revolutionary, pocket-sized device that is immediately effective at stopping the itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites and virtually all other biting insects. It works on jellyfish stings and stinging-nettle stings as well. For more details please ‘Click Here’.

Motion Potion is a Naturopathically Formulated Bowel Nutrient Powder. This amazing product is for everyone (cos we all have bowels) – not only does it help you in the Number Two’s department for any of you that have difficulty to achieve a No 4 (A No 4 on the Bristol Stool Chart is described as like a sausage smooth and soft – sorry for been a bit graphic here)) at least once a day (two a day are recommended) but it is a complete bowel food aiding in the elimination of toxins and at the same time repairing the delicate mucosa of the intestines, so you can fully benefit from the nutrients you put in your body. For more details please ‘Click Here’ or ‘Click Here’ to order your Trial Pack (Enough for 6 days)

James Baillies Wonder Oil & Arthritis Oil are fast becoming an Australian icon. This old fashioned formula is doing wonders for folks all around the world. Please ‘Click Here’ for more details.

Magnesium is known as the 'Master Mineral' and is an important and necessary element for all living organisms humans, animals and plants. We are proud to be now selling a quality range of Magnesium products for both Oral and Transdermal use. We have two luxurious Magnesium Creams to use for a wide range of aliments including Anti-Ageing, these are available in a Herbal or Zest-Citrus formulation. The Magnesium Oil Spritz is a wonderful and efficient way of receiving your daily dose of Transdermal Magnesium. Our pure source Magnesium Salt Flakes can be used for Baths, Foot Soaks, remineralising drinking water and more... And we haven't forgotten about a Magnesium Cream for Pets. To learn more about our Magnesium products please 'Click Here'.

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